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Best Sports Betting Canada

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Best Sports Betting Canada

If you're here reading this, you're likely looking to find out what is the best sports betting site for Canadians as an alternative to playing sports betting lottery games. These sports lottery games have some of the worst odds and lowest payouts available to the Canadian sports bettor.  Let’s find the best betting site for your needs, as I have researched over two dozen such services.

The fact of the matter is that you could be winning 40% to over 80% more money on the same parlay picks with the best sports betting sites that I have identified for Canadians compared to the sports lottery games.  It's simple.  You bank & shop securely online to save time & money.  You can achieve the same when you take your sports betting online. I’ve boiled it down to the top eight betting sites for Canadians based on the issues important to Canadians.

BestSportsBetting.ca offers sports betting site reviews and an outline of why Canadian Dollar Sports Betting is important to you.  I also help you understand how to choose a sports betting site based on questions that I ask you to consider about what kind of player you will be.  In the end, you’ll figure out the site that is right for you.  I’ll also show you why the services I’ve listed are the most reputable sports betting sites for Canadians.  My listings are in no particular.  The order is not based on some meaningless, bogus rating system that other sportsbook reviewers use.  You're too smart for that.  I just give you the information - you make your own decision.  Note that terms & conditions apply to all bonus offers listed on this site.

With regard to betting site banking from Canada, note that some Canadian banks have decided recently that they will not process credit or debit card transactions directly to sports betting sites or gambling sites.  If you experience this problem, don’t worry.  Each of the listed betting sites below accept solid alternatives for you.  For quick payments from your bank account, you will be able to use highly reputable debit services like Instadebit, iDebit, Citadel Instant Banking or Interac transfers.  EcoPayz is an e-wallet similar to PayPal that will also work for you.  See which of these are available below or in the site reviews.

Sports betting with the highest limits for Canadians?

Each of the sports betting sites we list have sufficiently high limits for most sports bettors.  However, we understand that there are individuals with the wealth and the desire to push the limits of sports betting with very high wagers on the sports they follow most.

Each service structures their limits in unique ways.  We outline all the information you need to know  which sports betting sites have the highest limits. You will see that Pinnacle has a very simple limit structure and the extremely high limits.

More reasons to switch to the best sports betting sites in Canada:

Bet single games - provincial sports lottery games only offer parlays:

Are you tired winning the first 4 games on your Proline ticket only to lose out on the last result?  When you bet single games, this will never happen again.  Sports betting sites allow single game betting as well as parlays with better odds than Proline.  The betting options are extensive with our best sports betting sites.

Bet on every sport in every possible way - Don’t limit yourself:

There is more to betting than having NFL odds.  Do you want to bet on soccer because you follow the EPL, Serie A or other top leagues? Are you heavily into basketball, baseball, tennis, US college sports, F1 or MMA?  Only a top betting site lets you get right into the action, with a wealth of ways to bet so you can exploit your knowledge. Some sites like Betway & MarathonBet even offer OHL & WHL betting.  Most every company listed offers a wide variety of prop bets in addition to traditional betting markets like moneyline, point spread and over/under bet types.  Of course, if you want the best football betting experience, you need to step up to an online sports betting service.

The latest technology makes online & mobile betting more convenient than sports lottery games:

Do you hate rushing over to the lottery retailer to get your Proline ticket before your games start?  It’s kind of a pain isn't it?  Aren't you busy enough?  These sports betting sites allow you to bet when you want, where you want with intuitive betting platforms for your PC or mobile device.  They are super easy to use and you can fund your account with your credit card or by any one of several easy to use sports betting deposit methods similar to PayPal.  

Get the benefits of betting live in play.

Have you ever been too late to get your sports lottery game ticket from the store?  That will never happen with these sports betting sites because they allow you to bet live in play, while the game is ongoing.  This ensures that you never miss a bet, plus it can further enhance your enjoyment of the game because you can double up, or win back what you might lose.  

The best mobile betting experience from Canada

The best mobile sports betting experiences allow you to view current odds and lines, live scores and place bets before the game, or live in play - at the tap of your smartphone or tablet device.  Choose to access your account through your mobile internet browser or download the free available apps.  

From early 2022 forward, the Canadian province of Ontario will offer legal online sports betting

Nationally, Canada finally decriminalized single-event sports betting within its borders by passing Bill C-218 in June of 2021. With this, the face of Canada online sports betting was set to change in a big way. In Canada, the provinces regulate gaming. Most provinces have simply moved to adjust their sports betting offerings as part of their lottery corporations, which at least to begin with, does nothing to help repatriate their citizens from ‘grey market’ offshore betting sites which offer superior odds and technology.

Ontario however is taking a different approach by creating its own legal sports betting market that is open to iGaming license applicants.  Come 2022, there will be an array of legal Ontario betting sites, that will likely number over 40, which must share revenue with the Province and submit to mandated consumer protections and Responsible Gaming standards as they compete for the business of Ontario sports bettors.

Importantly, Ontario will not mandate that gambling providers stop serving other Canadian provinces from the ‘grey market’. This move has ensured that as many international sports betting providers as possible will come to the table to apply for an Ontario license.

This move is key because it will allow well-entrenched ‘grey market’ brands in the market to bring all their Ontario players acquired over years, into the legal system. This means that by early 2022 when the market opens, Ontario will be able to immediately have a very large amount of gaming revenue that will become taxable, where it formerly was not - it was in the ‘grey market’, unaccounted for.

Had Ontario mandated that these ‘grey’ providers stop serving other Canadian provinces, they simply would not come to the table for a license.  There is simply too much to lose in those jurisdictions. Hopefully the other provinces will see the benefits of the Ontario betting market and move to join them, or open their own licensed frameworks in time.

About my sports betting listings:

I analyzed sports betting sites from a Canadian perspective.  I do not list those sites that failed to meet my standards, so you might notice some big international brands are missing - this saves your time.  Other review sites list all sites, even those with a poor review, or those that do not really suit Canadians.

All my listed sites accept your registration from Canada and offer CAD accounts.  Many big international brands do not register customers from Canada, or they do but do not offer CAD accounts.  For example, you’ll find that many big review sites push a brand to Canadians called 888sport with a CAD250 promo.

888sport is a solid company, but those review sites won’t tell use that 888sport does NOT offer Canadian dollar accounts.  You’d get the bonus equivalent in US dollars and lose money through exchange fees on every deposit and withdrawal that you make over the life of your account activity.  But that’s how little these other review sites truly care about YOUR experience and this is not the only example of non-CAD betting sites being pushed at potential Canadian online betting customers.

I want you to play with companies that really want Canadian players and have gone out of their way to make things as easy as possible.  This is why I kept my list so small.

Would you want to go through 20+ betting site reviews?  Would you then sign up with the 17th best betting site?  Of course not, why would you?  That’s why I keep it simple.

I don't try to fool you with phoney grades or star ratings.  I just give you the unbiased information, you choose the best betting site based on your preferences & requirements as there are differences between them.

Best Sports Betting Criteria

Compare the Best Canadian Online Sports Betting Sites

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Bodog is one of the oldest names in online sports betting, in business since 1994. Bodog.ca is specially targeted to the Canadian market, so you know they cater to Canadians. Bodog loves Bitcoin for both deposits or withdrawals.  Otherwise, credit cards are available, even AMEX.  Read Bodog review

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